Sergei Gannochenko

Business-oriented fullstack engineer, in ❤️ with Tech.
JS / JS stack: React, Node, AWS.
15+ years in dev.
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

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My name is Sergei, I am a full-stack software engineer in the JavaScript domain. My life is tech and tech is my life. I enjoy writing efficient, clean code of high standard, as well as making crappy prototypes to validate ideas. Sometimes I publish articles on what I recently discovered, hoping to save somebody else's efforts.

Besides coding I adore good XII-XIX century european brick architecture, as well as some modern one, so while travelling I take photos here and there. I am also studying German, because, you know, I need that to survive in Germany^^. On top of that, right now I am learning investment and finance as a hobby. Who knows where it brings me, haha.

So yeh, I am a passionate learner, in deep love with what I do. Currently I am based in Berlin, Germany, where I help great companies in making products of their customers dreams.