My ultimate list of awesome opensource projects

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Posted on 11.08.2020
Image by Will Scullin on Flickr

This is a constantly work-in-progress list of cool project I have come across or closely worked with.
It solves for me the "I remember there was a cool project, but the name completely slipped my mind! Halp!" case.


Make 2D, 3D, VR / AR visualisation

  • Mywebar In-browser AR
  • Potree WebGL point cloud viewer for large datasets
  • Sketchfab A marketplace for 3D models
  • ThreeJS A library for making in-browser 3D graphic
  • D3JS A library for data visualization

Do machine learning


Debug your app

Parse something

Compile something

  • Pkg Compile your Node app into binary

Highlight syntax

Create an editor

Develop for mobile

Process some images

Work with a database


  • Alan create a voice assistant


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Golang, React, TypeScript, Docker, AWS, Jamstack.
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