New Sunrise: a mod for CnC3:KW

Was supposed to be released in 2003

Woah, that was a lifetime ago.

So back in the university days I was a huge sucker for the Command&Conquer game franchise. When C&C3 by Electronic Arts finally came out, a colossal wave of disappointment swept through the society of fans. The game was nothing like expected to be, but the good part was that it's engine Sage was able to locate externally placed resources (config files, scripts, graphics, 3d meshes, animation, ...) and the existing resources were open for modification as well.

Many people (including myself) dared to create a better version of C&C3, worth of perished Westwood studio.

This project has not taken off though. I was daydreaming and concepting too much, delivering actual stuff too little. I was not disciplined. Eventually the initiative was killed by procrastination and urge of writing my Master's thesis.

But, the reason why I am mentioning it here is that it was my first experience of team building. I had two more members in my team: one 3d modeller and one concept designer.

Looking back I must admit, I would have done many things differently. I would have

  • written down overall concept of the modification what was planned and what was not,
  • turned this concept into a public statement, and started forming a community around it,
  • developed a strong business process of creating each new unit,
  • defined time frames, estimated the amount of time needed to create one unit,
  • came up with a plan and a road map,
  • constantly shared the progress on a simple website,
  • created a wizard-like generator to make bootstrapping easier,
  • looked for people to fill the existing gaps of expertise (e.g. in animation and rigging), instead of trying to study all of it on my own,
  • looked for people to give me a hand and do some work in parallel.

Also it could have been good to bring something new on the table, instead of trying to reconstruct ideas Westwood had planned.

Yeh, I wish I was more experienced back then. Anyway, here is the link to the mod on Moddb:

And a few screenshots: