Altstadtkirche of Königsberg

Was supposed to be released in 2016

I am actually a fan of the East European XII-XIX traditional architecture. After I moved to Kaliningrad, I literary fell in love with the medieval and modern history of the city. Before the WWII the city belonged to germans, and was called Königsberg. Today it is a post-soviet, rather gray place, where all the beautiful pre-war architecture was almost entirely lost due to the bombing by British air force and the follow-up ideological barbarity and urban planning short-sighting.

Nevertheless, we still have historical footage ❤️

I've managed to find some photos of a gorgeous XIX church that used to stand at the center of the historical part of the town and decided to use them as a reference to make a 3D model.

You can see that the project is unfinished. So, what could have gone wrong?

Well, I just started learning 3DsMax back then. I took this as a case study project, and that was a mistake. Instead of approaching it MVP-way, where you gain knowledge and implement the entire project in small amounts, I have spent a month just on making the geometry. The project turned to be too massive to begin the education process with. I have had spent a lot of effort just to do that much, and then my motivation faded.

But the good thing is, there are always some takeaways in the end:

👉 If you just started learning a completely new subject, do it in small and quick steps, but eventually master the entire process. Don't let yourself to get hung up on something for too long: all the key phases should be clear before jumping onto something big.

👉 Depending on the size of a project you may need a team to build it. Teamworking is the key when the amount of work is overwhelming. If you decide to go for it alone, be ready for the exhaustive protracted race against your motivation.

👉 Use right tools and follow best practices to save time.

Here are some renders: